Porotherm-ceramic unit 30 p + w...

Porotherm-ceramic unit 30 p + w Wienerberger

Porotherm-block 30 for building a ceramic heat-bearing external walls with additional warming

P-30 p+w
81.59 грн

(81.59 грн шт)

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 80.


ceramic hollow block Porotherm-30 for construction of exterior load-bearing walls with additional insulation. Blocks Poroterm-30 used in the cast-frame construction as filler concrete frame, which is insulated with insulation basalt subsequent plastering. Block 30 Poroterm economically advantageous to use for the construction of three-layer outer wall: + unit heater + facing brick. These blocks are used for the construction of internal load-bearing walls of buildings.

Thanks to the good diffusion capacity, ceramic blocks stabilize the humidity in the house on favorable to the human level and constantly maintain a healthy environment. Ceramic blocks excellent accumulate and retain heat by smoothing abrupt changes in temperature.

The wall of the ceramic hollow blocks 2 times easier, thus load on the foundation is 2 times lower. Mounts in 5 times faster, does not require highly skilled installers. heat conductivity in the ceramic blocks stable year-round, and the rate of insulation deteriorates with increasing moisture content and a sharp temperature drop (moisture raising heater 1%deteriorates the insulation 15%).

Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 100
Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
16 шт
The equivalent of a conventional brick
Solution consumption per m2
20 л
Frost resistance
Water absorption
Soundproofing Rw, dB
Heat transfer resistance, R (m2C/W)
1,47 м2/КВт
Quantity per pallet
80 шт

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