Tile Margon Iberica Ultra Natural red...
Tile Margon Iberica Ultra Natural red...

Tile Margon Iberica Ultra Natural red glaze

Ceramic tile Margon Iberica Ultra Glaze natural red traditional Mediterranean forms

120.40 грн

(120.40 грн шт)


Ceramic tile Margon Iberica Ultra Natural red glaze made in Portugal by Margon Portugal.

This tile is available for advanced Modern technology, which leads to its high frost resistance and durability. Tile Margon With proven hardiness to withstand 2200 cycles! Such tests on the frost is not carried out even by German manufacturers of ceramic tiles. Therefore, this tile can be successfully used for roofing in Ukraine.

Margon tile is produced in a variety of colors, allowing each home to emphasize its image, individuality, and in harmony with the natural scenery. This tile provides a unique aesthetic result due to the unique surface structure

The main advantages of tile Margon-is:.

- increased firing temperature 1090 ° allows to produce tiles more solid and less water absorption, which considerably increases its resistance to frost,

- high demands on the geometrical parameters stipulate clear size and shape of the tile, which positively affects the quality of wiring,

- a written guarantee on the tile Margon -40 years old

Product Details

Weight, kg
3,5 кг
Quantity in sq.meter
12,8 шт
Frost resistance

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