Outer angle adjustment 90 ° -150 °...

Outer angle adjustment 90 ° -150 ° trough Galeco PVC 130

external steering angle 90 ° -150 ° trough Galeco PVC 130

Available colors. Graphite, black, dark brown, white, copper, dark red, chocolate -Brown.

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external steering angle 90 ° -150 ° trough Galeco PVC 130 allows connecting chute at any angle in the range of 90 to 165 degrees.

adjustment angle is from 90 to 165 degrees. The element consists of 2 parts: an adjustable base and symmetrically undercut at an angle of 45 degrees. Sunset adjustable portion to the base, allows to obtain an angle of 105 to 135 degrees. If you cut an adjustable part, you can get the angle to 165 degrees.

The installer defines the place of the angle at which the gutter are joined, regulates and puts the required angle connector and installs. These adjustable angles significantly reduces the time to manufacture non-standard connections, allows you to mount the gutter on any large bay buildings.

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