Funnel Galeco PVC 130/80

Funnel Galeco PVC 130/80


Funnel Galeco PVC 130/80 for connection to gutter Galeco PVC tube 130 mm 80

Available colors: white, graphite, black, dark brown, chocolate brown .

438.70 грн

(438.70 грн За 1 штуку)


Funnel Galeco 130/80 intended to connect the drainpipe 80 mm to Galeco PVC chute 130. The funnel mounted on the gutter, wherein the pre-cut overflow aperture.

Mount funnel at the junction of the two trenches is not allowed!

Rainwater Galeco PVH systems combine ease of installation, efficient operation and high reliability, which makes them popular among professional builders throughout Europe.

< b> guarantee the stability of funnel colors -15 years!

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