Waterproofing membrane Eurovent Bitumi
Waterproofing membrane Eurovent Bitumi

Waterproofing membrane Eurovent Bitumi

The roofing waterproofing membrane Euruvent Bitumi used as a backsheet in the roof shingles, slate

82.00 грн

(82.00 грн м2)

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 30.


The three-layer membrane of the underlay of bitumen. Made of polypropylene fibers, polyester fibers and bitumen mixture. It is highly resistant to tearing and highest parameter among all watertight roofing membranes. Used as a pre-coating pitched isolated, ventilated roofs, also with a solid crate. Ideal for roofing of bituminous shingles, shingles, slate and wood shingles. Installation of roof covering on the membrane can be performed without the use of rails and kotrreek. Specialized stabilizers ensure stability of the material to UV radiation between 4 and 12 months so long as possible to delay the installation of the roof covering.

Product Details

Base weight, g/m2
Vapour permeability
Sd value
50 м
Width, m

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