Vapor barrier membrane Eurovent Aktiv...
Vapor barrier membrane Eurovent Aktiv...

Vapor barrier membrane Eurovent Aktiv Alu

The three-layer aluminum vapor barrier membrane Eurovent alu consists of an aluminum layer, a functional film and a polypropylene fiber.

53.30 грн

(53.30 грн м2)

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 75.


Intellectual vapor barrier membrane with an additional aluminum coating. A layer of aluminum ensures reflection of infrared heat rays into the building. -Activities vapor barrier properties of the membrane to prevent condensation of water vapor, which is not able to do conventional vapor barrier film.

is used in residential and industrial construction as a vapor barrier protecting the loft of excess moisture which may enter the inside space in the direction of the insulation. Ee active properties prevent "effect of the plastic bag", i.e. the appearance of the attic mold and mildew as a result of excess moisture. Protects from rotting wooden structure. When mounting the need to use adhesive tape for bonding Eurovent AluFix overlap and Eurovent DUO sealing compounds membrane roof structure.

Product Details

Base weight, g/m2
Vapour permeability
Sd value
40 м
Width, m

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