Sett clinker Milano

Sett clinker Milano

Paving Milano

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Paving Milano made from clay by pressing and baked in special furnaces at a temperature 1100-1300oC.

Paving manufactured in the form of brick size 200x100 and a thickness of 45 and 52 mm.
Compressive strength clinker paving stone is 200 MPa, which is 4 times higher than that of concrete products. This is due to the strength of manufacturing technology - extruded and pressed clay is baked in the baking time, which guarantees higher strength material
One of the main features of ceramic pavers CRH is its color -. Durable, not dimming, uniform throughout the thickness. The wealth of colors due to the use of mixtures of different clays, of which in the firing process is obtained various colors products without artificial additives or dyes
The main operational benefits of clay pavers are:. Iprochnost slip resistance to abrasion. abradability clinker Indicators are the same as that of granite, a 3-fold less than that of marble and 40 times less than that of concrete products!
Paving resistant to acids, alkalis, detergents and other corrosive substances. Low water absorption clay pavers - about 1%, it causes a high frost resistance, and hence a very long service life - for centuries


Product Details

Format, mm
Strength grade
М 600
Weight, kg
Quantity in sq.meter
48 шт
Frost resistance
Water absorption
Grout consumption per m2
4,0 кг
Quantity per pallet
540 шт
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