Carpet "Paris" mud
Carpet "Paris" mud
Carpet "Paris" mud

Carpet "Paris" mud

Carpet "Paris" mud (max. Width 2m), made on the size and shape of the customer.

1,722.00 грн

(1,722.00 грн За 1 кв.м)


We offer a three-stage system of protection against dirt, developed by European and American experts. A particular advantage it can be considered dirt arrest at the entrance and the impossibility of its distribution in the room where the 1st level are coarse-coating, 2nd - fine-meshed cover and the 3rd - tufted carpets. At its core, this system is a hidden view of cleaning, do not violate the design and maintain a clean floor coverings indoors. Mudguard carpet "Paris" is a carpet with rubber edging and waterproof base structure has an open pile, elegant, easy to use and clean. Paris comes in a variety of colors, which greatly expands the design possibilities for the design of your interior, it is the third stage cleaning system shoes. It is durable flooring for indoor use, suitable for use in environments with heavy pedestrian traffic: in shopping malls, hotel lobbies, banks, restaurants, fitness centers, car dealerships, etc. Unsurpassed ability to retain moisture and scrape debris from the soles allows new look coating for a long time. The main colors of the carpet, "Paris" is a gray and brown, has a pile height of 3mm, making it easy to clean, the size and shape of the product is done at the client's request. Carpets are easily cleaned wet vacuum or a strong jet of water, which favors a waterproof base. Products with textiles used in the first stage of the process is strictly prohibited. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

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