Modular-dirt coating "Levada"

Modular-dirt coating "Levada"

Modular rubber coating "Levada" Mudguard is manufactured in dimensions and form customer.

1,435.00 грн

(1,435.00 грн за 1 кв. м)


Mudguard rubber coating "Levada" is a universal means Shoe cleaning system can be used as a first purification system stages, and the third is used both indoors and outdoors.

This is a durable floor coating, suitable for operation in environments with heavy pedestrian traffic: in shopping malls, hotel lobbies, banks, restaurants, fitness centers, stairways, thanks to the soft structure of the material, non-sharp edges, these products can be used in swimming pools, showers, saunas, kitchens ., the bar

The coatings effectively prevents slipping and injuries, if it is damaged, it suffices to replace only the damaged module, allows you to save on cleaning.

Available in colors: black, graphite, terracotta , blue, green,

The size and shape of the product is performed by request of the client, restrictions on the length and width of no coating easily cleaned wet vacuum or a powerful water jet. Products with textiles used in the first stage of the process is strictly prohibited.

Product Details

Operating temperature range °C
от -50 до +50
Cell type
Thickness, mm
Module size

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