Modular coating "Tetra" 10

Modular coating "Tetra" 10

Modular rubber coating "Tetra" 10 -dirt, height 10mm, manufactured in dimensions and form customer.

1,066.00 грн

(1,066.00 грн За 1 кв.м)


We offer a three-stage system of protection against dirt, developed by European and American experts. A particular advantage it can be considered dirt arrest at the entrance and the impossibility of its distribution in the room where the 1st level are coarse-coating, 2nd - fine-meshed cover and the 3rd - tufted carpets. At its core, this system is a hidden view of cleaning, do not violate the design and maintain a clean floor coverings indoors. Mudguard rubber coating "Tetra" 10 , a panacea Shoe cleaning system can be used in the first purification stage system, and in the third t, e., Is used both indoors and outdoors. This durable flooring is widely used at the entrances to buildings and structures, lobbies, hallways, stairways, with equipment jobs has amortization capacity at random falls prevent injury due to the soft structure of the material, non-sharp edges, these products can be used in pools , showers, saunas, water parks and other wet areas with wet and cold floor. Coating effectively prevents slipping and injuries, if it is damaged, it suffices to replace only the damaged module, allows you to save on cleaning, thanks to a wide range of colors is in addition the interior design space, is available in colors: black, gray (base), can be manufactured to order in any color, has a height of 10 mm cell size and shape of the product is performed by request of the client, restrictions on the length and width of no coating easily cleaned wet vacuum or a powerful water jet.

Product Details

Operating temperature range °C
от -50 до +50
Cell type
Thickness, mm
Module size

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