Rubber coating "strip"

Rubber coating "strip"

Rubber coating "strip" undiluted-dirt, anti-slip (max. Width 1.2 m), manufactured according to the size and shape of the customer.

1,066.00 грн

(1,066.00 грн за 1 кв. м)


Mudguard rubber coating "strip" , a panacea Shoe cleaning systems used indoors and outdoors. This durable rubber, non-slip floor covering is widely used in a place with high level of traffic, thanks to the resistance to an aggressive environment and temperature extremes, soft material structure and unsharp edges, has anti-slip effect and high cost, these products have tremendous opportunities to use it in places as stairs, steps, ramps for the disabled, shops, production areas, warehouses, garages, porches of houses, passages in the kitchen, swimming pools, showers, saunas, water parks, laundries and other wet areas with wet and cold floor, and the influence of fuels and lubricants. Coating effectively prevents slipping and injury, easily rolled up for the removal of dirt and services available in black color, size and shape of the article is performed by the client request, is mounted in a rubber frame (its value is considered separately) coating easily cleaned wet vacuum or powerful jet water. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

Product Details

Length, m
Width, m
ширина 1,2
Operating temperature range °C
от -40 до +50

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