Rub- cellular coverage Mudguard

Rub- cellular coverage Mudguard

rub- cellular coverage undiluted-dirt, anti-slip (1mh1,5m) may also izgotavlivatsja size and shape of the customer.

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We offer a three-stage system of protection against dirt, developed by European and American experts. A particular advantage it can be considered dirt arrest at the entrance and the impossibility of its distribution in the room where the 1st level are coarse-coating, 2nd - fine-meshed cover and the 3rd - tufted carpets. At its core, this system is a hidden view of cleaning, do not violate the design and maintain a clean floor coverings indoors. Mudguard cellular rubber-coated , a panacea Shoe cleaning systems used indoors and outdoors. This durable rubber, non-slip floor covering is widely used in a place with high level of traffic, thanks to the resistance to an aggressive environment and temperature extremes, soft material structure and unsharp edges, has anti-slip effect, these products have tremendous opportunities to use it in places such as staircases management, production areas, warehouses, garages, porches of houses, swimming pools, showers, saunas, water parks, laundries and other wet areas with wet and cold floor, and the influence of fuels and lubricants. Coating effectively prevents slipping and injury, has a large mesh size which easily falls debris that allows the coating to always look neat, easily rolled up for the removal of mud and service, is installed in a pit, produced in black has a standard size, if desired, the customer it can be increased by gluing, coating easily cleaned wet vacuum or a powerful water jet.

Product Details

Format, mm
Operating temperature range °C
от -40 до +50
Cell type

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