Grate wave for cleaning shoe

Grate wave for cleaning shoe

Lattice wave for cleaning shoes (max. Length profile 3m) is performed by size customer.

7,708.00 грн

(7,708.00 грн За 1 кв.м)


Lattice Wave serves as the first stage of shoe cleaning system delays larger dirt, snow and represents the solid structure that consists of a rubber profile, reinforced elements of durable composite material and connected stainless steel cables are designed for areas with high intensity of foot traffic, traffic wheelbarrows have a high mechanical resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to corrosion and thermal shock from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C.

We offer a three-stage system of protection against dirt, developed by European and American experts. A particular advantage it is possible to consider the detention of dirt at the entrance and the impossibility of its distribution in the room where the 1st level are coarse-coating, 2nd - fine-meshed cover and the 3rd - tufted carpets. At its core, this system is a hidden view of cleaning, do not violate the design and maintain a clean floor coverings indoors.

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Length, m
Load class
А 15
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