Grille "CITY" Textiles + scraper...
Grille "CITY" Textiles + scraper...
Grille "CITY" Textiles + scraper...

Grille "CITY" Textiles + scraper gryazeochischayuschaya

+ scraper grate textiles "CITY" gryazeochischayuschaya manufactured in dimensions and form of the customer (max width of 3m.) Filling - + scraper textiles.

6,970.00 грн

(6,970.00 грн за 1 кв. м)


Grate "CITY" Textiles + scraper is acting as the second stage of the shoe cleaning system is used to protect the premises from the medium and small dirt impurities and debris that remain on the bottom after the first stage of purification, as well as partially collects moisture, the scraper increases the cleaning surface and to secure the grille does women's shoes, is a robust construction that consists of a carrier of aluminum profile connected stainless steel cables. Grate textiles + scraper "CITY" gryazeochischayuschaya easily folds, which is useful for cleaning or transportation.

Products with textiles used in the first stage of the process is strictly prohibited. Grid "CITY" Textiles + scraper provide cleanliness and decoration are entry, highlight features of the interior design. The grille is installed in a special pit, the carrier is fixed in aluminum profile in front of the place or lobbies, depending on its content.

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