Brush grille Nova Respect Dirt
Brush grille Nova Respect Dirt

Brush grille Nova Respect Dirt

The grid brush Nova Respect Dirt, produced according to the size and shape of the customer (max width of 3 m.), Filling - a brush.

8,200.00 грн

(8,200.00 грн За 1 кв.м)


The grid brush Nova Respect Dirt acts as a second stage for shoes cleaning system protects the room from medium and small dirt impurities and debris that remain on the bottom after the first stage purification and partly gathers moisture and is a robust construction that consists of a carrier of aluminum profile connected perforated rubber compound, by which a lattice easily collapses, which is useful for cleaning or transportation. Low height of the finished design of 12 mm makes it possible not to stumble on the product without the use of a special arrangement of the pit, it is sufficient to mount the grille in aluminum profile. Grille Dirt Nova Respect brush has a height of 12 mm - this allows you to insert a pad in a recess formed in places not tiled, speeding up installation Dirt lattice special plastic end caps do not allow dirt and moisture, while maintaining thus the product and extending its service life. Grate Dirt Nova Respect brush intended for places with low and medium intensity foot traffic (boutiques, homes, apartments, etc.) has a high mechanical resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to corrosion and temperature changes from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C.

Product Details

Weight, kg
13,7 (1 кв.м.)
Load class
А 15

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