Lattice steel galvanized DN200

Lattice steel galvanized DN200

The grid rainwater stamped galvanized steel with holes for mounting DN200.

1,117.25 грн

(1,117.25 грн За 1 штуку)


The lattice is made from galvanized steel, has two holes for fasteners, load class A15 that corresponds to 15kN = 1.5t. Lattices tray to any of this series of features:

- Galvanized Steel - (class A load = 1,5t)

- Welded mesh grating coated with hot zinc - (load class B = 12,5t)

- ductile iron, cast iron -. (load class C = 25t)

Large range dozhdepriemnyh lattices allows to implement any design and technical solution of your object. To avoid offset and noise dr.transportnyh cars passage means, and a pedestrian area grating can be mounted to the tray by means of the locking fixtures vandal. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

Product Details

Weight, kg
Length, m
Load class
А 15
Hydraulic cross-section

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