Plastic tray H200, DN200

Plastic tray H200, DN200

plastic drainage tray H200, DN200, for surface drainage, and can be laterally connected to another tray, as well as a vertical connection to the sewer pipe diameter 160mm.

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The trays with a width of 200 mm cross-section used in areas with heavy traffic of passenger and freight transport and pedestrian areas - construction of cottages, garages, car parks, multi-storey car parks, pedestrian walkways, sports facilities. Trays linear drainage water is collected and withdrawn from the extended large surfaces. Simultaneously collected and conveyed to the relief surface runoff site. Currently, linear drainage systems are used in the system of stormwater. Each product is designed for a specific load class load classes will help to choose the right tray as required by your facility and to avoid problems during its further operation. This tray has a load class A-C if the tray cover grille: galvanized, it loads a class A, which corresponds 15kN = 1.5t, if the tray cover with iron bars, is to withstand a load up to 250kN = 25t. To ensure reliable sealing compound between trays are used adhesives. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.


The tray is made of cold-resistant, impact-resistant, chemically resistant, thermoplastic, polymer and composite plastics. With average daily temperatures trays have a high resistance to acids and alkalis.

Product Details

Weight, kg
3,5 кг
Length, m
Load class
С 250
Hydraulic cross-section

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