Polymer concrete monolithic unit...
Polymer concrete monolithic unit...
Polymer concrete monolithic unit...
Polymer concrete monolithic unit...

Polymer concrete monolithic unit DN110 MAX

The block polymer concrete drainage monolithic honeycomb DN 110, H 230 - Series MAX


29,930.00 грн

(29,930.00 грн за 1 шт)


Blocks Polymer, extra strong, impact-resistant reinforced MAX series, are designed for use in high dynamic loads objects. High-strength units are widely used in the construction and reconstruction of streets, squares, parks and recreation, railway stations, airports, and gutters enhanced series are equipped with a gas station, service station, trucks, warehouses and terminals, industrial areas and highways, bus and truck park, where high mechanical and dynamic loads, as well as places with heavy traffic. The main advantage of monolithic blocks - is the lack of protection upper movable tray, which is very important at high dynamic loads, has an aesthetically pleasing appearance, does not require additional maintenance, as opposed to cast iron gratings (protection against rust, paint, etc.), the blocks are less weight, thus, the previous load class (E = 600 60t) and much lower price. Monolithic honeycomb blocks are manufactured reinforced series of polymer with different hydraulic cross sections (DN 110 and DN 200) and heights (h and 230 h410). This block is made of polymer - a material which in comparison with the cement concrete (fiber-reinforced concrete) possess greater tensile strength, less brittleness and better deformability. They have a higher; permeability, frost resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to corrosive liquids and gases, and much less by weight, has a class E load 600 = 60 m, and a non-standard length (1012 mm), which is also an object to reduce costs. To ensure a tight seal between the blocks using a one-component sealant based on MS-polymers. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

Product Details

Format, mm
Weight, kg
Load class
E 600
Hydraulic cross-section

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