Concrete trash box DN160 with...

Concrete trash box DN160 with cast-iron grating MAX

c concrete trash box slotted grille iron, reinforcing nozzles (optional) 0.5 m, DN160 H600 - for surface water drainage - MAX series.

6,450.00 грн

(6,450.00 грн За 1 шт)


trash box is the link between the surface drainage and storm sewer. But other than that it collects sand, garbage and sewage tverdodispersnye additives, thus avoiding clogging of sewer pipes. Sand and debris are collected in a galvanized trash trash box which is completed with an additional, more cart facilitates cleaning trashbox. This trash box extra strong reinforced series MAX is made of fiber-reinforced concrete, reinforced with glass fibers, is equipped with high-gratings of iron, edge trashbox reinforced galvanized steel nozzles molded into the side walls has a load class E, which corresponds to 600kN = 60 t.

The advantage uschestva MAX series:

1. A reliable and functional bolted lattice - lattice fixes and prevents untwisting under dynamic loads, due to the special shape of the nut and seat. Fasteners are designed so that they are easy to change.

2. Reliable amplifying nozzle with mortgage anchor - provides a durable and reliable construction trashbox and reinforces its

3.. Lattices are made of

4 ductile iron grade HF-50.. Has the ability to connect with a pipe diameter of 110-200 mm, as well as a template for connection to a concrete chute DN 160, Series MAX art.№04300 (h305), №0430009 (h305).

Due to its advantages, sand trap included in the linear drainage MAX series are popular and are widely used for ground and ground car parks, filling stations, in city streets and parks, and others. to ensure a tight seal between the drainage elements of a used one-component sealant based on MS-polymers. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

Product Details

Format, mm
Weight, kg
Water absorption
Length, m
Load class
E 600
Hydraulic cross-section

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