Street inlet sectional polymer...
Street inlet sectional polymer...

Street inlet sectional polymer concrete (lower part) DN300 MAX

Dozhdepriemny well Polymer-sectional (lower part), H 440, DN 300 - to the point of water collection and formation of the well - MAX series.

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Dozhdepriemnye Polymer-enhanced series of wells MAX DN 300 are used for local (point) of collecting large water flows in areas of intense mechanical loads when there is a need to increase the height of the storm-water inlets. Sectional well consists of three sections: upper, middle and lower, which are set against each other and are used as revision or drainage wells of different sizes, load classes (E600 = 60t, F900 = 90t) and depths. Street inlet is the link between the surface and storm water drainage and sewerage may be used as a trash box, it collects sand, rubbish and sewage tverdodispersnye additives, thereby avoiding the clogging of sewer pipes. This sectional dozhdepriemny well extra strong reinforced series MAX is the lower part of the well is made of a polymer, compared with the cement concrete, polymer concrete and polymer-possess greater tensile strength, less brittleness and better deformability. They have a higher; permeability, frost resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to corrosive liquids and gases used for forming the well with the middle portion of the well dozhdepriemnogo - Article №7770 / 2 and the upper part - the article №07770 / 1, which is equipped with high-strength cast iron gratings, inlets reinforced edge galvanized steel nozzles molded into the side walls has a load class E, which corresponds to 600kN = 60 t

advan uschestva upper part dozhdepriemnogo wells series MAX:.

1. A reliable and functional bolted lattice - lattice fixes and prevents untwisting under dynamic loads, due to the special shape of the nut and seat. Fasteners are designed so that they are easy to change.

2. Reliable amplifying nozzle with mortgage anchor - provides a durable and reliable construction of storm-water inlets and reinforces its

3.. Lattices are made of ductile cast iron grade HF-50. Gullies reinforced MAX Series can be equipped with bars F900 = iron load class of 90 t., If required by the terms of your object.

4. It is able to connect with a tube diameter of 160-200 mm. Under the order dozhdepriemnye wells can be made with templates for connecting pipes of the required diameter, and has a pattern to connect with trays of polymer concrete DN300, Series MAX - Article №07700, №0770009.

5. To facilitate the maintenance dozhdepriemnogo well in the upper part of the basket can be set in galvanized steel for collecting sand, leaves and debris.

Due to its advantages, dozhdepriemnye wells MAX series are popular and widely used for underground and surface parking lots, gas stations, urban streets and parks, industrial facilities, roads and others. In order to ensure a tight seal on all elements of drainage together, using one-component sealant based on MS-polymers. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.

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E 600
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