drain unit
drain unit
drain unit
drain unit

drain unit

GRAF Drainage block for arrangement of drainage systems

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The main purpose Graf drainage units - a water drainage from industrial sites, stadiums, shopping centers, etc. GRAF drainage units are ideally suited for installation in locations where it is difficult to allocate additional space for drainage.. Soaking load up to 10 tons per 1 m2, the blocks can be set at a parking area, a field-leaving arrival transport, storage areas for use. High structural strength drainage Graf blocks allows to stack them up to a depth of 10 layers, drainage occurs simultaneously in three planes. Drain block Graf is administered by tube 100, 125 and 150 mm, made of polypropylene, for connecting blocks special connectors are used together


one. High efficiency -one drainage unit draining capacity of Graf replaces 800 kg of gravel or drainage pipes 36 meters, its capacity of 300 liters, which is three times larger than the standard drainage system.

2. Save space for installation - can be installed up to 10 layers deep

3.. Convenient and time-consuming fast installation - drain Graf unit weighs 15 kg and for the installation of the system do not need to use special equipment

4.. High load carrying capacity - no need for a bed of gravel, enough to wrap the drainage system in the geotextile.

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