drainage tunnel
drainage tunnel
drainage tunnel
drainage tunnel
drainage tunnel

drainage tunnel

GRAF drain tunnel used for underground drainage device field.

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The infiltration drainage tunnels are established for the countryside and construction specifically designed for the drain field device and serve for stormwater, and the purified waste water. Tunnels are not high weight - 11 kg and can take up to 300 liters of water for one time, are made of polypropylene. If it is necessary to equip the drainage field to the pedestrian area, it suffices to fill the tunnel ground ball to 250 mm, and for the possibility of a car arrival, the minimum soil backfill layer should be at least 500 mm. Tunnels can easily be connected to each other by special connectors at the start and end of the row are installed special plug for the connection section of the pipe DN 100/150/200/300. Drainage tunnels can be installed in one or more rows. All products Standartpark certified according to international quality control system.


1. air exchange and ventilation in tunnels contributes to creating conditions for the life of aerobic bacteria that doochischayut drains. 2. Good ventilation can significantly increase the length of drainage and as a result, the increase in waste accepted. 3. Ease of installation - tunnels can easily be connected to each other, are installed at the ends of a stub. 4. Cost - minimum excavation and because not much weight (11 kg) there is no need to use special equipment. 5. High capacity - (three times higher than that of the gravel trench). 6. Easy to transport - (due to the hollow structure is placed on the pallet 42 of the tunnel). 7. Withstands vehicle weight of 3.5 t / 1m.kv.

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