Septic precleaning wastewater...
Septic precleaning wastewater...
Septic precleaning wastewater...
Septic precleaning wastewater...

Septic precleaning wastewater polyethylene.

Septic preliminary purification of household effluent 2 cbm., Made from polyethylene.

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Preliminary sewage treatment takes place in the septic tank , and doochiska has two options: in the biofilter "SAD" or in the filter drain system in this. septic tank comes pre-treatment of economic-household drains. OPERATING PRINCIPLE septic PRELIMINARY PURIFICATION: Suspended particles present in the wastewater settles to the bottom and form a precipitate. This precipitate is subjected to slow the process of fermentation under anaerobic microorganisms (those who live without oxygen). On the surface of the wastewater in the septic tank is formed a film of contaminants which are lighter than water, most often fats, surfactants, detergents and the foam formed during fermentation and various substances contained in the effluent. The process to be effective, its duration should be at least 3 days. Therefore, the volume of the septic tank is selected three times the volume of the daily wastewater. Properly designed and installed septic tank reduces the degree of sewage pollution at 65-75%. Further thus clarified waste water is sent to final purification. Structure septic allows to create optimal conditions for biological processes, processes for accelerating the decomposition of organic compounds in the waste water is added to the biological product. CHARACTERISTICS: Septic prefilter come in different volumes of 1.5 cubic meters, 2 cbm, 3m.kub made of high density polyethylene by rotational molding technology, according to standard PN EN 1825 -2: 2002 (U) and comply with international quality certificate ISO 9001. material- copolymer linear medium density polyethylene with close molecular decomposition. Products have the following properties: good resistance to impact, great views inner and outer surfaces and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

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