Filter drainage (tertiary treatment...
Filter drainage (tertiary treatment...

Filter drainage (tertiary treatment of domestic waste water)

The filter drain - aftertreatment system of household waste

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Preliminary sewage treatment always takes place in the septic tank , and the post-treatment has two options: 1 in the biofilter "SAD" and 2. . in the filtration drainage system. This filter drainage system applies to the second embodiment of post-treatment of domestic sewage and is the most common method. Whatever structures were not, they should serve one purpose: to create optimal conditions for the aerobic (oxygen) post-treatment effluent coming out of the septic tank. At this stage, using Standartpark equipment and its correct installation, we get the degree of reduction of pollution of the order of 95%. Additional cleaning in the filter drain is used for: 1. With good permeability soils (sand, sandy loam); 2. Low levels of groundwater; 3. The number of resident population of up to 6 people; 4. seasonal residence. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION OF THE FILTER DRAINAGE:

This is a system of drainage pipes laid under the ground surface. Its task is: a uniform and dispersed over a large area in the introduction of pre-treated effluents emanating from the septic tank. Drains should act drainage trenches in very small doses. It is a condition of their continued full neutralization. Therefore, the drainage filter must have a length corresponding to the number of effluent and soil permeability.

* the maximum length of the drainage thread - 20m; * Slope drainage pipe - 1%1m.p .; * Minimum distance from the ground water level - 1m. In general, for a standard accepted 12 lm a width of the trench drain min 0,5 m per user (residents). Hydraulic drainage load, depending on the type of soil, should be within 0.004-0.012 m³ / lm per day (4 to 12 liters per meter per day). All elements are made of high-density polyethylene filter drainage system.

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