Station (septic) Rainpark STA...
Station (septic) Rainpark STA...

Station (septic) Rainpark STA biological sewage purification.

Station (septic) biological sewage purification is made of fiberglass with a diameter of 1600 mm (3-5 persons. Permanently resident).

80,668.00 грн

(80,668.00 грн 1 шт.)


Septic Rainpark STA biological treatment of wastewater used in sewerage system of private homes. Septic tank made of fiberglass strong and resistant to the influence of chemically aggressive effluent groundwater, and also alkaline and acidic soils. Fiberglass is an environmentally safe material. Septic Rainpark STA - is fiberglass tank consisting of 3 chambers. Station (septic tanks) come in various sizes. When choosing the right size of the septic tank for your site, you need to consider the number of permanently residing people. . STATION OPERATING PRINCIPLE (septic)

Wastewater gravity fed successively through the three chambers - it allows particulate matter to settle to the bottom. There comes an anaerobic microbial decomposition process. As a consequence of the oxidation and decomposition processes precipitate partially hydrolyzed. From the waste water slurry and the precipitate is separated after passing through septic sewage purification system is given on the filter pad.

Product Details

Diameter, m
1,6; 2,0
Number of residents, persons
3-5; 6-8; 9-12; 13-15

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